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ARTISTS: Paintings

Octobre à Vienne  Oil on canvas 160x160 cm

Gérard Stricher

La Croyance-The Belief-Ink on paper mounted on Featherboard-H110xL80cm- 43X31 IN - Framed.

Philip Wittmann


CS Art

HolyNight2020 3.jpg

Jaq Belcher

l'été nabi, 2019, 209 x 287 cm.jpg

Claudie Laks

Communion III, 140 x 140 cm, acrylique sur papier, 2022.jpeg

Clement Denis

Claire Gilliam-06988 copy_1.jpg

Claire Gilliam

SOLARIS edited.jpg

Benjamin Dray

All and nothing no5, 36x32.JPG

Marie-Chloé Duval


Denis Meyers

1.  'The Deep Empty'  150 x150 cms.jpg

Paul Hughes

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