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Angels Grau is a Catalan artist whose work is a vibrant fusion of her experiences across Barcelona, New York, and the picturesque Priorat region. Her art, characterized by its emotional depth and rich textures, reflects her life's journey and a deep commitment to showcasing and empowering women. Grau's distinctive style, born from a blend of diverse cultural influences and personal narratives, has garnered global recognition and appreciation.



Àngels Grau, a Catalan artist, divides her time between Barcelona, New York, and a quaint village in Priorat, a renowned European wine region. This geographical diversity fuels her creativity and passion, essential elements in her painting.

"I invest time in my work. You must look at paintings on different days, with different eyes. There is a need to go back to it again and again,” she asserts about her artistic process.

Raised in a family of artists, Grau's childhood was rich with artistic influences, from drawings and tapestries to paintings, nurturing a deep-seated sentiment that later blossomed in her work. Initially a graphic designer, she evolved into a painter and, in 2018, took the decisive step to pursue art full-time.

Her global travels and experience raising four children who are now embarking on their own paths have inspired Grau to focus on the empowerment of women. Her series “Invisible Women” pays homage to women who contribute significantly from behind the scenes in various sectors of life. This series has garnered attention, with pieces like "Invisible Women" being acquired by the PepsiCo Foundation. Roseann Proseer, PepsiCo Collections Fine Art Curator, remarked, “We are honored at PepsiCo to have one of Angels Grau’s paintings, 'Invisible Women', in our headquarters; the work evokes feelings for all strong women that make life, family and love happen.”

In celebration of Women's Day, PepsiCo gifted copies of "Invisible Woman" to their Vietnam headquarters and Illinois factory.

Grau’s art has been displayed in several prestigious locations, including Barcelona, Greenwich, the Consulate General of Brazil in New York, and Kate Oh’s Gallery in Manhattan. Ambassador Maria Nazareth Farani Azevêdo of the Brazilian General Consulate in NY praised her work, noting its popularity among architects, decorators, and diplomats, and proudly owning one of her paintings.


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