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Chelsea Grand Opening!

We took Chelsea by storm last month, May 18, as we opened the doors to our new space in the heart of New York City. A big thank you to all our friends, clients and supporters who attended and made the event a success. We are also grateful for Rémy Martin, our opening partner, for their faith in our Gallery and for sharing with us their fantastic cognacs and cocktails. 

Our group opening show features Artists: ALBEN, Angels Grau, Ayline Olukman, Cat Sirot, Clement Denis, CS-Art, Denis Meyers, Eric Ceccarini, Gerard Stricher, Jaques Owczarek, Jean Michel Lenoir, Ken Brower and Deborah Ory, Manuelle Bernardi, Nicolas Auvray, Phillip Wittmann, and Wendy Paton. 

Grand Opening Photo Gallery

The Show

About Us

Nicolas Auvray Gallery and Galerie l’Atelier works with a selection of both established and emerging contemporary artists, showcasing photograph, paintings, and other media.  As artists ourselves, through our international travels for exhibitions, festivals and art fairs as well as with our involvement in the NY art community such as the International Center of Photography, we have aligned with fellow artists around the globe and engaged peers with whom we feel a strong connection via their work, subjects and approach.


We are an active working platform for artists and a genuine opportunity to showcase their work as part of the Gallery, affording them access to a select clientele from art fairs, private and public events, corporate clients, interior designers and architects, art consultants as well as private collectors. At Nicolas Auvray Gallery, connoisseurs and collectors are shown a broad selection of exciting artists allowing them to discover new talents.


We are drawn to work and artists for whom the physical relationship to the medium is central to the approach and we are passionate about the tangible and intangible aspect of the media itself. As such, the Gallery is proud to represent a diverse array of artists, across the mediums, all of whom share a belief in the speculative nature of art. In addition to hand printed silver gelatin prints done in the darkroom, we have a selection of artists who use alternative printing methods such as chemigrams and palladium platinum artworks, as well as photograms where the relationship between the light and the paper is essential. We seek to represent the dynamic range of photographic creation today, from conceptual photography to the re-invented traditional approach. We also present Abstract paintings and works crossing the media lines. 


One common thread that links all our artists is their relationship with primary elements. We look for connections with light, earth, minerals, air, water or heat. We represent work of the highest quality and look for artists with strong narrative of their personal vision in their photographs, either autobiographically as with Jehsong Baak’s “one last goodbye” or by a study of their own social environment as we observe in Wendy Paton’s “Visage de Nuit” or with the cosmologic research found in the work of Antonia Kuo.

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