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Marie-Chloé Duval is an acclaimed Quebecois artist, celebrated for her transformative journey from academic studies to a profound exploration of visual arts. Her work, characterized by a unique blend of photography and painting, delves into themes of humanity and society, capturing the attention of audiences globally through exhibitions and artistic residencies. Currently based in New York City, her art continues to evolve, drawing inspiration from the vibrant tapestry of urban life.



Marie-Chloé Duval is a Canadian artist from Kamouraska, Quebec, known for her dynamic and explorative approach to art. Initially pursuing criminology, Duval's transition to the arts was sparked during her graduate studies, where her thesis writing ignited her passion for expressing her views on humanity and society. Developing her visual identity through photography, Duval fully embraced painting in 2016, quickly gaining acclaim by winning multiple awards at her first symposium. Her career has since flourished with solo and group exhibitions globally, and her dedication to continuous learning has led her to artistic residencies in Canada and Europe. An active member of the art community, she contributes as a vice-president of art center boards, participates in artist residency projects, and writes for art blogs. Currently residing in New York City and drawing inspiration from the vibrant human activity around her, Duval is completing her Master's in Fine Arts at the New York Studio School, having previously earned a Bachelor's in Fine Arts from Concordia University.


Marie-Chloé's artistic expression offers a nuanced exploration of societal dynamics, drawing upon her academic insights into human behavior and social phenomena. Her work acts as a powerful conduit, shedding light on societal intricacies and fostering a call to action.

In her visual narratives, she addresses the complexity of our modern era, marked by aggressive marketing tactics and the manipulative potential of mass data. Marie-Chloé skillfully combines figuration with abstraction, incorporating painting, text, and photography to provoke thoughtful discussions on our sense of alienation.

Her art critically examines the challenges of globalization, particularly the phenomenon of analysis paralysis — where endless contemplation prevents meaningful action. By weaving empathy into her creations, she offers a compelling commentary on our collective identity.

Marie-Chloé's work boldly questions the reliability of our senses in discerning reality, revealing the subtle deceptions beneath surface appearances and inviting viewers to reconsider their understanding of truth.

“Our minds are spinning. The flow of thoughts, mass information, stimuli and questions are fast and omnipotent: never has society faced such high rates of anxiety and depression. As I paint to discover myself as an artist, a woman, and a citizen, I project on canvas my vision of our modern society, a society run by organizations that fight to control people's minds with marketing and mass data. I paint with a specific purpose of education and awareness. I put visuals on the canvas to open this dialogue about our current state of alienation and the urgent need to open our eyes and break free. The visuals I create are situated between figuration and abstraction, stillness and movement, using painting, words, and photography. In this era of globalization, we are constantly labeled and categorized. We experience analysis paralysis, where excessive reflection is hindering our ability to act. Our habits and routines can sometimes lead us down a path that becomes increasingly challenging to break away from. With empathy, I create a diagnosis of who we are together.” - Marie-Chloé Duval


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