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Denis Meyers, a Belgian urban artist renowned for his typographical artistry, creates mesmerizing urban frescoes that blend partially illegible text with faces, a style he uniquely terms "perso". His work, deeply influenced by his grandfather and notable typographer, Lucien De Roeck, transforms urban landscapes into canvases of memory and storytelling. Meyers' hallmark project, "Remember Souvenir," showcases his exceptional talent in bringing life to forgotten spaces, turning an abandoned building into a vast, personal art gallery that narrates his journey through intricate writings and portraits.



Denis Meyers, a Belgian urban artist born in 1979, has firmly established himself in the realm of contemporary art with his unique typographical style. Meyers' journey began at the National Superior School of Arts and Visuals of La Cambre in Brussels, a city that remains his home and the canvas for his artistic expression.

Meyers' work is renowned for its distinctive frescoes and motifs, featuring partially illegible text and faces he dubs his "perso". Each piece is a meticulous creation, printed and hand-cut before being seamlessly integrated into urban landscapes. This method reflects Meyers' deep-rooted identity as a typographer, an artistic inclination he attributes to his grandfather, Lucien De Roeck (1915-2002). De Roeck, known for designing the World Expo poster in 1958, was a significant influence in Meyers' life, instilling in him a passion for writing and drawing daily.

A standout project in Meyers' career is “Remember Souvenir”, a monumental undertaking set in the former headquarters of Solvay, a pharmaceuticals company in Brussels. What was initially planned as a brief project extended to 18 months of intensive work, where Meyers transformed nearly 25,000 square meters of an abandoned building destined for demolition. This project was more than an artistic endeavor; it was a personal journey, where Meyers filled the space - doors, roofs, facades, and windows - with his memories. The project drew from about 150 drawing notebooks he had compiled over two decades, serving as a reservoir of inspiration. This pharaonic-scale work was a testament to Meyers' dedication and ability to infuse life and narrative into forgotten urban spaces.

Denis Meyers' art is not merely a visual experience but a journey into the depths of memory and urban storytelling. Through his unique blend of typography, imagery, and urban exploration, Meyers invites viewers to engage with the cityscapes in a profoundly personal and evocative manner. His work stands as a vivid testament to the enduring power of art in interpreting and immortalizing the human experience.



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Denis Meyers's Remember -  Souvenir