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Mati Bracha is an award winning American-Israeli artist who realized at a very young age that colors, shapes, ideas and emotions are meant to be shared and expressed through artistry. She studied painting and drawing in Jerusalem and taught art at an elementary school. She attended classes in painting at the Art Student League in New York and completed The Marathon drawing session at the New York Studio School. 

Her work can be interpreted visually through shapes, forms and words and is graffiti like; freely scribbled with a calligraphic design. Having been immersed in the Big Apple’s iconic culture, her inspiration branches toward peculiar human movements. Her rich colors and gradients are a modern take on art in which she explores movement, harmony and emotion.She has been a proud member of ASL for four years, where her work began to draw attention from New York’s cutting-edge artists. She has received The Blue Dot Award from ASL three times and this year received The Red Dot Awards from ASL for her latest handpicked collections of artwork, which were displayed and critiqued by contemporary art connoisseurs.

Mati Bracha is currently working in her Chelsea studio and lives in Manhattan.


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