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Jaq Belcher's art transcends traditional boundaries, offering a meditative journey through meticulously handcut paper. Her work, rooted in the principles of simplicity and mindfulness, transforms the white canvas of paper into intricate patterns of light and shadow. Through each precise cut and fold, Belcher explores the depths of consciousness and the subtle interplay between the tangible and the ethereal. Her creations are not just visual experiences but also reflections of the energy and focus embedded in their making, inviting viewers into a world of serene contemplation and profound beauty.



Jaq Belcher, an Australia-born artist, has carved a unique space for herself in the contemporary art world with her intricate paper works. Currently residing and thriving creatively in New York City, Belcher's journey in the arts is as layered and detailed as her creations.

Born in Melbourne, Australia, Jaq's artistic foundation was laid with a Bachelor of Education in Visual Arts from Melbourne University. She further honed her skills in metalwork and gold- and silversmithing at the prestigious Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Her pursuit of knowledge continued with a Master of Arts Administration degree from the University of New South Wales College of Fine Arts. Further enhancing her artistic repertoire, Jaq engaged in studies at the National Academy of Fine Art in New York.

Belcher's artistic practice is a testament to the power of simplicity and purity. Her transition from metalwork to paper as her primary medium marked a significant shift in her career. This change, inspired by her move to New York, reflects her dedication to minimalism and the exploration of consciousness. By using an X-acto knife and handmade stencils, often in the shape of the vesica piscis—a symbol of sacred geometry—Belcher transforms pristine sheets of archival white paper into stunning fields of imagery, both figurative and abstract. Her process, a reductive method of cutting and folding, not only removes parts of the paper but also adds a new dimension of light and shadow, creating mesmerizing patterns that embody the energy and focus imbued in them.

Her work delves into the realms of energy, consciousness, light, and form. The meticulous cutting, counted and recorded on each piece, is not merely artistic expression but also a practice of mindfulness and meditation. The resulting artworks are alive with the memory of the energy transfer during their creation, radiating as a sum of intricate parts.

Jaq's recent explorations in ephemeral installations mark another evolution in her artistic narrative. Utilizing the excised pieces of paper, or "seeds," from her works, she composes intricate mandalas on the floor, temporary yet deeply impactful, often complemented by performances and large-scale works.

Her accolades and achievements are as varied and impressive as her art. In 1993, she received the State prize for emerging artists from Craft Victoria, and several awards from the National Academy for abstract drawing, including the Mary Hinman Carter Prize. A notable six-month residency at the Factory in Mott Haven, the Bronx, culminated in her first solo show at Haven Arts in 2005.

Jaq Belcher's works, a blend of artistic mastery and spiritual inquiry, have found homes in numerous private collections across Australia, Asia, and the USA. Her unique approach to art—a fusion of traditional techniques with contemporary themes—continues to captivate and inspire audiences worldwide.