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January 14th - February 27th 2021

Tricia Rosenkilde

Jehsong Baak  -  Jean Luc Olezak

Michel Ginies - Nicolas Auvray

Galerie l'Atelier X Fremin Gallery 

520 West 23rd Street, Chelsea, New York, 10011 

An Exhibition in partnership with Galerie Hegoa Paris, rue de Beaune
 featuring 2 artists of the Gallery: ​Michel Ginies and Jean Luc Olezak

It has been over a year since I last went to Paris and I miss my hometown and traveling. I called up the Gallery Artists to send me their Paris so I could compose a stereoscopic view of the capital through the eyes of 5 Artists who share a love of the city, but express it in such different ways and showcase a wide range of the photographic medium. We hope you will want to join me on this escapade.

Through her pinhole calotypes, Tricia Rosenkilde creates a distorted universe from the Paris landmarks and lesser known places. In her work, suddenly the Arch of Triumph seems to be animated, walking towards us as she opens up our usual perspective to a new dimension. With Jehsong Baak, we enter a more intimate and personal relation to the city that he adopted and we reach out to these characters crossing his works. With Michel Giniès, and Jean Luc Olezak, we look at two more humanist views of the Paris from the 60’s through today and we rediscover the city we love. Night photography and Architecture is represented with Nicolas Auvray “Night Attractions” giving us a sense of being invited to walk through these scenes like on movie stages.

One notable and very rare common point however is the analog mediums used by all these artists. All works shown are original printed by each Photographer. Silver gelatin prints, except for the Platinum and cyanotypes hand print by Rosenkilde.

Tricia Rosenkilde

Jehsong Baak

Michel Giniès

Jen Luc Olezak