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Nicolas Auvray

Wild Trees

April 15, 2021


May 30, 2021


Chelsea Former Gallery- 520 West 23rd street, New York NY

Nicolas Auvray

Throughout all of human existence trees have served people throughout the world not only physically but also symbolically to represent what words sometimes cannot. The wild trees represented in our exhibition go beyond the simple architecture of roots, trunks and branches. Each photograph holds its own universe of complexities and metaphors, not meant to be taken as a literal translation of a reality but a complete interpretation.
From the dancing silhouettes of the Flaming Birch to the sun beating off the bark of the Boab tree, every tree has its own history beyond the rings of its trunk.

This exhibition is presented by Nicolas Auvray Gallery
Nicolas Auvray Gallery
520 West 23rd Street, New York, NY, 10011
Ground floor, under the High Line
Gallery Hours: Tuesday- Saturday | 11 AM - 8 PM and by appointments

Nicolas Auvray Gallery
+ 1 917 340 3639
contact: Nicolas Auvray

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