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Eric Ceccarini

The Painters Project

November 4, 2022


February 22, 2022


Chelsea Former Gallery- 520 West 23rd street, New York NY

Eric Ceccarini

Eric Ceccarini’s “The Painter’s Project” is an ongoing collection of collaborations with painters and models that give birth to several distinctive and spectacular photographs.
This unorthodox partnership open ways to wonderful and often surprising creations. Magic succeeds when the ephemeral and volatile nature of paint on the human skin is forever captured through the lens and immortalized onto the image.

A meeting between a painter, a model and the photographer, the Painters Project is an ongoing art series. It is very extensive, both in time and scope; as over 100 Artistic meetings have taken place, and only some will give birth to a new amazing art piece.

Eric proposes to some of the very best models he has enjoyed working with during his career to join the collaboration. She becomes a performing artist, and she offers her skin and her body as a canvas, and interacts with the Photographer and the painter to reveal her persona and Style.

This exhibition is presented by Nicolas Auvray Gallery
Nicolas Auvray Gallery
520 West 23rd Street, New York, NY, 10011
Ground floor, under the High Line
Gallery Hours: Tuesday- Saturday | 11 AM - 8 PM and by appointments</p>

Nicolas Auvray Gallery
+ 1 917 340 3639<br>
contact: Nicolas Auvray

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