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Eric Ceccarini
Videos: the making off

The Painter's Project  -  Presentation Film

In this short film, Robin Ceccarini follows Eric through several of his groundbreaking Painter's Project session. She provides us with  an overview of the breath of his work but also of Eric's approach and the unique Character of each each encounters and performances

The Painter's Project  -  Patricia Sartori

In this short film, we follow the performance Eric created with Painter Patricia Sartori

The Painter's Project  -  Capoera painting -
Henri Lamy

Reminding action painting approach, Eric and Henri Lamy and the model create the unique Artwork by using movement and the Physical interaction brought by Brazilian Capoera dance and martial art to determine the placement of colors on the body.

The Painter's Project  -  Brigitte Nataf

The Painters project session with painter / Photographer Brigitte Nataf, creating some of Eric most iconic Artwork

The Painter's Project  -  Poetry and a new Alphabet with NUTSY


The Painter's Project  -  Anamorphic painting with Henry Lamy


The Painter's Project  -  Ariane Arigraphicart

The Painter's Project  in Europe

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